Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exloration 5 "Fresh": Nick Sansone

The film Fresh was split into two parts. the first part was what was wrong with the farming industry and how big corporations have tried to make it all about quick, easy, and cheap. the second part was about how local farmers are trying to combat these big corporations by using natural and organic methods to produce better products and at a much higher success rate. the film also displays how the use of pesticides and other antibiotics in corporations and CAFO's (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) have harmed vegetation and livestock that are used for consumption. In America, almost 60% of each persons calorie intake per day contains processed foods. in a quote from the movie, Andrew Kimbrell says "organic can't feed America" but the movie later states that all natural organic farming is actually more efficient than what the corporations are doing because more of their produce is surviving. The only difference is that the corporations have learned how to increase the size of their operations and how to produce faster.

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Concept: Convenience
this image displays how bad processed foods are for you but people still consume them because they are quick, cheap, and easy to get.


  1. I think it really says a lot that 60% of an average americans caloric intake is from processed foods. This relates to so many health problems like obesity and lack of nutrition that organic farming could impact positively.

  2. The idea of the quality of a product is prominent in your post. While it's cheap and easy with conventional,it's risky and unhealthy for consumers.

  3. This fact that 60% of the foods we consume daily is process shocked me. If America wants to turn the growing problem of obesity and heart disease, we as a country need to make smarter, healthier, dietary choices.

  4. It is very alarming to learn that 60% of the calories the average American takes in in a day is from processed foods. That fact goes to show how the industrialization of farming has really taken over our country, and how hard it really is to eat healthily in our country.

  5. I think your picture explains Will Allens statement that " we as citizens don't pay attention as how they get the food, as long as they do"


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