Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exploration 5 from Phillip

One of the most important issues that I identified in the film was the issue of convenience. It was made obvious by the film that Americans are not worried about how their food is produced and made ready for them, they're only worried that the food is easy for them to obtain. A quote from the film itself came from Will Allen's co-worker, she said "my food don't have no name" when she first began working with Allen and she thought the meat he gave her was too fresh. That seems to sum up society today. It was also alarming to see that some farmers using industrialized methods don't even seem to understand the issues that arise with their practices. For example in the film the Fox family did not seem to be able to answer a good amount of questions the interviewer had, such as what exactly was in the feed that they used to feed their livestock. I was also mentioned in the film that beaks of chickens are often cut off in these industrialized farms. I have found a fact that goes along with this, and provides a explanation for the mutilation. states that the beaks are often cut off to prevent excessive feather picking and cannibalism that is very common among these birds held in overcrowded areas.
This photo shows chickens in a factory farm.
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  1. I think that debeaking is an awful practice! while it prevents cannibalism among the chickens, it's better to just raise them to where they have enough space instead.

  2. They wouldn't have to debeak thousands of chickens if they farmed organically. it blows my mind that farms are okay with doing this. they let it get so bad.

  3. I completely agree. Farms should treat animals correctly. They should not be put in areas where there are hundreds of animals in a small area. They should have enough space to move around. The animals should be in an environment similar to the environment they came from.

  4. It is sad that americans value convenience more than they value themselves and wellbeing. Sometimes we don't even think about what goes into our food, maybe we do it on purpose because we know it is bad or maybe we are just ignorant.


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