Thursday, November 17, 2016

MMM: fear is just a chemical REVIEW by viktor ball

     In this article, Mr. Money Mustache shows us how exaggerate fear is, and how our belief of it's existence subtracts from our overall well being. He starts this article by describing a nightmare he had once, however, upon waking, he realized that it was all a bad dream. As he puts it; "My whole perspective of the same set of life details had completely changed within the span of a few hours, from standard happiness, to extreme worry, and back to gratitude. Just because of the secretion of a microscopic quantity of some damned hormones I didn’t even ask for in the first place". After this revelation, he goes on to describe how these "chemical responses" can prevent people from taking new actions or having experiences, and brings down the quality of their lives. He finishes with a call to action, urging the reader to understand that "all bullshit".
     The article excels at motivating the reader, with easy to understand language, and a related premise. By describing various parts in life where people might have "failed" due to fear, he offers a valuable insight into regions of life where progress might have been stunted from inaction manifest by fear, and how to fix such responses.
     The weakest part of the article would have to be the excessively long introduction, which while proving a strong point, lingers towards the end and overall, subtracts from the message of the article. A more concise example of the knowledge of fear would better add to the article's quality. 

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