Tuesday, November 1, 2016

exp. 5 - fresh, by vik ball

     Fresh raised valuable questions about the true weight and cost of convince, the price payed for such privileges, and its direct applications to our lives. Or as George Nailer puts it, "Americans fear only one thing: inconvenience". The film brought the knowledge of farmers and those involved in the food industry together, and presented it in a raw, but applicable fashion. Never stating its doctrine too heavy-handedly, a relatively light tone overall is produced (despite certain sensitive scenes, but they were needed to further the viewer's understanding). Coupled with directly applicable actions for the viewer to take, Fresh is a useful documentary for raising awareness of the true nature of food production to the everyday consumer.
      This massive demand has had many effects on the food industry and our own bodies, one of them being soil depletion. The over farming and aggressive techniques used to meet the growing phenomenon of consumerism has had a terrible effect on soil health and quality. There is simply not enough time in an average production cycle today for the land to replenish n, and such short times prevent the natural production of humus (organic soil matter) which is critical to the health of the soil. The lack of humus strips valuable nutrients, and as a result, crop quality also suffers.
     Another recent dangerous development taken by the food industry to meet unreal demands are the usage of pesticides. These are chemicals used to control unwanted growth and insects, but the effects are not as directly seen: the earth becomes poisoned over time. Our earth is closed system, and the poison put in the system will show up in our crops. Should we be okay with consuming substances used to kill other living creatures? Who knows the long term effects this will have on us (who are just larger living creatures).
     Fresh showed that our food is less nutritious than it used to be (40% less than the same from the 1950s). This should be a larger issue to the american people, as it will continue to affect us over time, and only get worse if we ignore it. Fearing the lack of food, perhaps our over zealous ideals will lead to our downfall, attempting to fix perceived ills, we forgot the most critical one: food is not food without it's nutrition.


  1. I agree, this video gave a better understanding on organic foods and how they are grown.

  2. I agree with your comment concerning America's true fear of inconvenience. The film did a good job exposing the costs of that laziness to eat and live healthy.

  3. The market supplies what the people want, so if over time we turn away from highly processed foods the market will turn with us.

  4. I agree how this is giving people a better understanding about our food system. I believe everyone should watch this

  5. Its sad to think that the crops they do grow with pesticides isn't only being put on shelves but also used tp feed the animals in factories with already poor living conditions and that we're degrading our health, land, and the traditional methods of farming for convenience.

  6. The stereotypical American citizen is thinking "if it looks and is tasty, it's probably good for me" while brushing off the salad they were offered before their meal at a restaurant. Whether or not the salad is lacking pesticide is unknown, but they person is still denying the potential healthy salad before the greasy entree.


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