Thursday, August 25, 2016

exploration two by viktor ball

Hello, my name is Viktor Ball. I am a 19 year old mechanical engineering student from Marysville, Ohio. I am currently living at the Annex here in Marion. In my free time, I enjoy literary pursuits and urban exploration. I can speak Japanese and Russian.

In reading The Call to Write, I noticed a central theme of learning to identify and appreciate the value of all writing, especially texts in which one can gain something from a literary event. A literary event being any section of writing through upon reading, the reader acquires a thought, inspiration, or any intangible (or tangible) gain that can shape their interactions with others. The Call to Write is written in an informal style, in which the author breaks down various written passages in order to teach the reader a deeper understanding of the writing, from the person behind it to the emotions conveyed and more.


  1. I noticed the informal style of The Call to Write as well, its a refreshing change from the very dull math text book I have to read. Literature I think has a very unspoken effect on our lives. Even being a engineering major like you, I feel we have an obligation to have well rounded communication skills even if it is writing a list for another individual.

  2. I find it very impressive that you can speak both Japanese and Russian, as, at least at my high school, neither of those languages were offered. It is also impressive to me as I would assume those languages are not very similar in structure at all.

  3. Glad see another Mechanical engineering major! I am also staying at the annex this year. It is very impressive you can speak Russian and Japanese since I assume they are nothing alike. I think it is good you appreciate the value that writing brings to the table.


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